Rumpegalleriet is the world’s first mooning gallery where you can moon for charity.

Why the butt?

With a millennial generation increasingly anxious about body representation and online shaming, the gallery seeks to reinvent the art of photographic portraiture by liberating the rebel in you. Mooning is riotous, sensuous and fun – all in equal measure. It’s democratic, too. Everyone has a butt – so everyone can moon.

Rebel for a cause

The gallery also seeks to celebrate your generosity. There are many great reasons to moon: as a sign of protest, a token of love – or for cool cash. At the gallery, you can have mooning photos made by an artist where proceeds from the sale of a limited edition support a charity of your choice.

Analogue photography

All photos are taken with a 1960s Hasselblad 500 from the company that first landed a camera on the Moon (Apollo 11 in 1969). Mirroring life in the raw, the hand-printed images are unedited and uncropped. The silver-gelatine photos are limited to 28 copies.