Open Call

The world’s first mooning gallery invites photographers, artists and creative souls to submit photography for the upcoming open-call exhibition to be held at the gallery in Copenhagen in February 2019.

The open-call exhibition at Rumpegalleriet is curated by Karina Waliczek @waaliczek.

Please read the following guidelines – and don’t hesitate to contact the gallery with any questions.

Happy reading!



Butts are fun, rebellious, sensual and quirky in equal measure. These contrasting emotions prove that the butt is one of the most complex body parts in our human imagination.

Images submitted should investigate the human condition as well as the social and political issues of our times through the optic of the butt.


  • Black and white analogue photography only
  • Square images only
  • Silver-gelatine print or C-print from scanned negative
  • The images must be taken by yourself
  • No doctoring/photoshop/image manipulation
  • All images must have at least one butt/mooning
  • Submitted images should generally not previously have been exhibited (for exceptions please inquire)

Please submit 1 to 4 scanned images in semi-low resolution to the following email address by 15 December 2018:

Please also write a little about yourself and your art and photography.

Before 2 January 2019, those invited to take part in the exhibition will be asked to submit original photos by post or by person with the following dimensions:

  • 17x17cm. The image must be mounted and include a white passe-partout so the total image size for framing is exactly 30.50cm wide and 31.00cm in height.

In some cases, we may ask if you can provide a larger image with these dimensions:

  • 42x42cm. The image must be mounted and include a white passe-partout so the total image for framing is exactly 59.70cm wide and 60.70cm in height.

The images must be posted or otherwise submitted to the gallery by 15 January 2019.

The images will be returned by post (or by cargo bike if you live in Copenhagen) after the exhibition ends in March 2019. The gallery will pay the return shipment. The gallery does not accept liability for any damages to images during shipment.

Selling images

You will have the opportunity to sell up to 25 copies of each of your photos through the gallery during the exhibition. This is entirely optional. You can also choose not to sell any copies. Selling images through the gallery requires that models in the images have given written permission. The price is set by yourself with due consideration for the following overheads:

  • Copies ordered by a customer are to be submitted to the gallery by you for us to forward to the customer unless otherwise agreed. For overseas sales, you can ship directly to the client.
  • Images sold at the gallery must be mounted with passe-partout unless otherwise agreed. They must be numbered and signed. The cost of mounting the image is to be covered by you.
  • Sales of art photography will be subject to 5% VAT and will be billed by the gallery.
  • We will appreciate if some of the proceeds go directly to a charity.
  • A handling fee of DKK 350 including VAT per sold copy is charged by the gallery for administrative overheads. This fee will be deducted before the sales revenue is transferred to your bank account 3 weeks after the purchase has been paid.
  • Customers at the gallery enjoy 14 days right of return in accordance with the Danish Consumers Act. At the gallery, the customer will have the right to exchange the image for another image within this period. We do not give money-back guarantee. In this event, the customer may choose an image belonging to another photographer in which case the purchased image returned by the customer will be forwarded to you at your cost unless otherwise agreed. Note that customers are unlikely to return images.

Happy snapping – and keep them coming!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the gallery.