Want a mooning photo?

Rumpegalleriet is a sharing economy experiment. There are many great reasons to share your mooning portraits with others – for charity, love or money.

Mooning for charity

You can have a free analogue mooning portrait made by the gallery artist on the condition that the gallery may sell up to 28 copies in support of a charity or humanitarian cause of your choice. Typically, the donation to charity is about DKK 500-700 per copy. So be a rebel for a cause!

Mooning for love

Perhaps you simply want a rebel-rousing mooning portrait made as a gift for your girlfriend or boss without the gallery being allowed to sell copies. You can!  This will set you back DKK 5000 for one framed silver-gelatine copy.

The gallery also offers mega-sized digital banners for your garage door or heliport – ask for our prices.

Mooning for money

If you’re broke and your career has been a bummer lately then you can have a free mooning portrait made and allow the gallery to sell up to 28 copies and earn up to DKK 1000 per sold copy. Your bank advisor will love you!